PU Electrical Wholesaler Product Catalogue 2021

102 AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 21 www.selectricuk.co.uk Description Code GRID360 Dimmer Modules Grid LED dimmer module with adaptor plate SGRID360-336 Grid dimmer universal kit with 7 adaptor plates SGRID360-347 Grid 2 way 400W dimmer module with adaptor plate SGRID360-335 GRID Switch Modules - White 10A 1 way switch SGRID360-1 10A 2 way switch SGRID360-2 20A DP switch SGRID360-6 20A DP switch with neon SGRID360-7 20A SP 2 way key switch marked “EMG LTG TEST” SGRID360-276 20A DP 1 way key switch SGRID360-11 20A DP 1 way key switch marked “EMG LTG TEST” SGRID360-277 13A fused connection unit SGRID360-12 10A 2 way toggle switch SGRID360-14 GRID Switch Indicator Modules - White Neon indicator - Red SGRID360-16 Neon indicator - Amber SGRID360-17 Neon indicator - Green SGRID360-18 GRID Switch Engraved Modules - White 20A DP switch engraved "FRIDGE" SGRID360-279 20A DP switch engraved "DRYER" SGRID360-282 20A DP switch engraved "OVEN" SGRID360-285 20A DP switch with neon engraved “DISH WASHER” SGRID360-296 GRID Switch Decorative Modules - Satin Chrome 10A 1 way switch SGRID360-25 10A 2 way switch SGRID360-26 20A DP switch SGRID360-30 20A DP switch with neon SGRID360-31 13A fused connection unit SGRID360-36 GRID Switch Modular Plates - Square - White 1 gang plate SGRID360-160 2 gang plate SGRID360-161 3 gang plate SGRID360-162 4 gang plate SGRID360-163 6 gang plate SGRID360-164 8 gang plate SGRID360-165 12 gang plate SGRID360-166 GRID Switch Modular Plates - Smooth - White 1 gang plate SGRID360-167 2 gang plate SGRID360-168 3 gang plate SGRID360-169 4 gang plate SGRID360-170 6 gang plate SGRID360-171 8 gang plate SGRID360-172 12 gang plate SGRID360-173 GRID Switch Modular Plates - 7M-PRO - Satin Chrome 1 gang plate SGRID360-181 2 gang plate SGRID360-182 3 gang plate SGRID360-183 4 gang plate SGRID360-184 6 gang plate SGRID360-185 8 gang plate SGRID360-186 12 gang plate SGRID360-187 GRID Boxes - Galvanised Steel 6 & 8 gang metal box SGRID360-272 12 gang metal box SGRID360-273 GRID360 Modular Plates & Modules Finishes in the GRID360 range Modules • Black with Black Inserts, White with White Inserts • Satin Chrome with Black, White or Grey Inserts • Polished Chrome with Black or White Inserts • Black Nickel with Black Inserts • Antique Brass with Black Inserts • Satin Brass with Black Inserts • Matt Black with Black Inserts Plates Black, White, Metal Clad, Satin Chrome, Polished Chrome, Black Nickel, Antique Brass, Satin Brass, Matt Black Selectric fully interchangeable range of GRID360 Modular Plates & Modules now includes LED dimmer modules. Easy to install with no need for yokes - modules screw directly into each plate. Over 300 items - thousands of combinations possible to suit every need. Plate finishes from 1 gang to 12 gang to compliment all current Selectric ranges.