PU Electrical Wholesaler Product Catalogue 2021

114 AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 21 www.espuk.com The new Essentials product group is just that - Essential Disabled Persons Toilet Alarm Kit • Simple install, 3 part kit - Indication Module, Pull cord module & Reset Module • Meets Part M building regulations and BS8300 • Antibacterial properties (UDTAKIT Only) • Alarm to raise alert for assistance • Compact design to suit many interiors • Supplied with disabled persons sign for toilet door • All modules supplied with single gang back box (UDTAKIT Only) • System is expandable to include additional indication and pull cord modules if required • Battery back up facility (stainless steel version only) UDTAKIT Disabled persons toilet alarm kit UDTAKITSS Disabled persons toilet alarm kit - stainless steel Combined Security LED Floodlight GuardCam-LED is a complete all-in-one PIR floodlight, camera, speaker and DVR system. Simply connect to mains power, fix to wall, set the time and date and switch on! • Detect the intruder • 1500 Lumen LED lamp output • Floodlight the area and initiate a video recording • Deliver an audible warning • Ability to record users own warning message • Maximum card size allowable now 32GB • High Definition Camera • Viewing from APP (GUARDCAMLEDWIFI only) GUARDCAMLEDWIFI Combined security LED floodlight GUARD-CAM-LED Combined security LED floodlight Wi-Fi • Wi-Fi security light for remote viewing • Full 1080p HD live view & recording • Notifications via APP • Wide angle camera view • Clear two–way audio • 3000K LED lamp • 800 Lumen output • Remotely dim or turn on/off the LED lamp • Motion activated video record • Manual alarm feature • IP55 rated • Robust metal housing • 8GB Memory storage provided (up to 200 events) • No subscription or additional fees Required • Requires 2.4GHZ Wi-Fi or LAN network Connection Combined Wi-Fi Security Camera LED Light System GUARDCAMDECO Combined Wi-Fi security camera LED light system - Silver GUARDCAMDECOBLK Combined Wi-Fi security camera LED light system - Black LED