PU Electrical Wholesaler Product Catalogue 2021

192 AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 21 www.kosnic.com Emergency Lighting Manot All in One LED Exit Sign ESGN0305R65 3 in 1 emergency light & exit sign, 6500K ESGN0305R65/S Self-test 3 in 1 emergency light & exit sign, 6500K ESGN02-PSL Exit sign Left ESGN02-PSR Exit sign Right ESGN02-PSU Exit sign Up ESGN02-PSD Hanging exit Down sign ESGN-PFR Spring slips for recessed installation ESGN01-PSD Hanging exit Down sign ESGN01-PSLR Hanging exit Left & Right sign ESGN01-PSU Hanging exit Up Sign ESGN-PFW Wall-mount tilting barcket Doxa Hanging Exit Sign With Multiple Mounting Positions EESN0103SUS Suspension mount emergency light EESN0103SUS/S Suspension mount emergency light, self test EESN02-PSD Exit sign Down EESN02-PSU Exit sign Up EESN02-PSLR Exit sign Left/Right EESN02-SUS Suspension kit EESN02-REC/WHT Recessed kit Nitro and Nitro Surface Non-Maintained Emergency Downlight Nitro 3W EDWL03C20/STD-WHT Standard, White EDWL03C20/STD-CHM Standard, Chrome EDWL03C20/STD-BAS Standard, Brass EDWL03C20/STD-BLK Standard, Black EDWL03C20/COR-WHT Corridor, White EDWL03C20/S-STD-WHT Self-Test, White Orda 2 Twin Spot Emergency Light KEML03TS3-WHT 3W, IP65 non-maintained, White KEML03TS3-BLK 3W, IP65 non-maintained, Black KEML03TS3/S-WHT 3W, IP65 non-maintained, Self-test, White KEML03TS3/S-BLK 3W, IP65 non-maintained, Self-test, Black Kalem Slim Profile LED Panel Exit Sign Box EESN0105Q Surface mount emergency light, 6500K EESN0105Q/S Surface mount emergency light, 6500K, self test EESN01-PSLR Exit sign Left/Right EESN01-PSD Exit sign Down (included) EESN01-PSU Exit sign Up • Can be maintained and non-maintained • Hidden slot at the frame for attaching exit sign film • Uniform back lights Mulu 5W Emergency Exit Bulkhead 190 lumen EESN0105S65 Emergency light & exit sign EESN0105S65-BLK Emergency light & exit sign, Black EESN0105S65/S Self-test emergency light & exit sign EESN0105S65/S-BLK Self-test emergency light & exit sign, Black • IP65 and IK10 - 6500K • Maintained and non-maintained option • Self adhesive graphics provided • 20mm Conduit entry Wall mounted Ceiling Mounted Suspended (Kit sold separately) ceiling-mount recessed exit sign Wall-mount exit sign with doorway illumination Nitro-Surface 3W ESFC03CS20/STD Standard , White ESFC03CS20/STD-BLK Standard, Black ESFC03CS20/S-STD Self test, White ESFC03CS20/S-STD-BLK Self test, Black Under lights