PU Electrical Wholesaler Product Catalogue 2021

24 AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 21 www.unicrimp.com The Complete Fire Range Fire Safe Metal Cable Clips Saddle Clips & P-Clips • Assist installation of fire cable to meet the requirement of BS 5839-1: 2017 • Tested & approved to BS 476 Pt.6 and BS 476 Pt.7 • Protective LSF coating to prevent cable damage Stainless Steel Mounts • Minimum wide = 44kg • Minimum loop tensile • Made from 316 grade steel Stainless Steel Cable Ties • Minimum loop tensile strength 4.6mm wide = 44kg • Minimum loop tensile strength 7.9mm wide = 110kg • Made from 316 grade steel • Multiple sizes available All Round Banding • Available in 12mm or 17mm. Black, red, white and galvanised Adhesives An incredible, instant grab adhesive based on hybrid technology. It has initial bond strength double that of most other grab adhesives and bonds to vertical surfaces without slippage, eliminating the need for secondary support in the majority of applications. Terminals • Improve electrical and mechanical integrity Copper Tube Terminals • To fit cables from 1.5mm² to 240mm² Push In Connectors • Re-usable lever operated connectors Brass Cable Glands • BW, CW, E1W and CXT Cable Glands IP68 Nylon Glands • 12mm to 63mm in black, grey, white and red (red up to 32mm). Cable Clips • Easy install, self-gripping cable clips. Cable Ties & Accessories • Nylon & stainless steel, in a range of sizes • Eyelets, cradles, 2-way cable tie bases, mounts and earth sleeving. PVC Tape • Lengths of 20m and 33m Fixings • Robust and sturdy fixings and clips. QSSTM-4 QSSTM-6 QAE1W20 QTB80M QTR200S QL3322 QC20 QYPO63F QCGM12GRY QRC1B QWHC42-13 QFGFC25 QSC302LSFW QPC28LSFB QARB12W QARB12B SIROFLEX BY QSST150S QSST300LH SCONTHMA300W General Purpose Silicone Adhesives Contractors White 300ml Cartridge SCONTHMA300C General Purpose Silicone Adhesives Contractors Clear 300ml Cartridge EG310 Solvent Based Bonding Adhesive 300ml Cartridge SXMSGGA290W SX Mighty Strength Grip & Grab Adhesive 290ml SXFF500 Hand Held Expanding Foam Can 500ml SXMSP290W SX Mighty Strength Seal & Fix White 290ml Cartridge SXMSP290BL SX Mighty Strength Seal & Fix Black 290ml Cartridge SXMSP290B SX Mighty Strength Seal & Fix Brown 290ml Cartridge SXMSP290C SX Mighty Strength Clear bond 290ml Cartridge ZFPACR310W Fire Resistant Acrylic Sealant 310ml ZFPSIL310W Fire Retardant Silicone Sealant 310ml SXFLAMEFF700HAND Fire Retardant Hand Held Expanding Foam • 4.8 x 40mm Masonry Fixing Screw - Blue Masonry Screws QMA48-40 QMC25 Electrical Accessories